What We Do

Market research is undertaken by many different businesses to gather information about their markets and their current and potential customers. They regard it as a key factor in trying to secure a competitive advantage over their competitors as it allows them to better understand consumer demand.

Research is conducted in many different ways, but has one thing in common: it relies upon relevant respondents providing genuine views and opinions. This may be through a focus group, on-line survey, one-to-one interview, hall test or other related method for which a cash incentive is given to the respondent.

When you participate in market research it can be enjoyable and very rewarding, with the opinions of participants influencing new products, services and advertising.

Our projects mainly take place in Central and Greater London however we do cover other parts of the UK and have associates Internationally.

Your privacy is extremely important to us and therefore we are registered with the Information Commissioner and your data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, ensuring we treat you and your personal data with respect.

If you are interested in participating in market research, please register here.